Фильтр салонный киа рио 3 артикул

Фильтр салонный киа рио 3 артикул

Добрый день!
Наконец закончилась Эпопея с заменой оригинальным фильтром салона.
Долго мучился не мог найти замену оригиналу.

Напомню, размеры штатного фильтра: Hyundai/Kia, артикул: 97133-4L000 — 21,2см * 19,1см * 1,5см
Цена приблизительно: 312 грн/шт.
Нашел на экзисте такойже фильтр только другого производителя за 100 грн. обрадовался, дай думаю закажу, так как это никогда не закончится. Проблема в том, что я не хочу выбрасывать рамку (кассету) для фильтра. Потому и мучился. Все фильтры не подходили по высоте. У собратьев из России ассортимент больше и цены меньше. увы у нас таких моделей нет. (на экзисте точно — нет)
Вообщем за день до мне отказали, мол производитель больше не продает и уговорили взять NIPPARTS. артикул: N1340522 Цена 117 грн

In the last month 2 times already searched this list 😫

For his convenience, he slightly edited 👌🏽
Maybe someone THIS record is also useful 😉

UKIRIO012 — bonnet stops
986302k100 — fan nozzles
9888629000 — non-return valve
9660796 — podium under the number
2630035503 — oil filter for the engine
2151323001 — a sealing ring for a drain stopper
281131R100 — air filter
311121R000 — fuel filter
FS130 — cabin filter
6348С — carbon filter
1885410080 — spark plug
581014LA00 — front brake pads (orig)
583021RA30 — rear brake pads (orig)
1K5867615A — hooks in the trunk
08850-2H011 — a set of pedals for automatic transmission
MA2782 — carbon filter
08850 2H001 — set of pedals for manual transmission
P88501M000 — set of pedals for manual transmission
846154Y100WK — parking brake lever cover
846604Y000WK — armrest of the floor console
846404Y000WK — interior floor console panel
846904Y000WK — console box (plastic)
846311R000 — floor console bracket
846854Y000WK — floor console drawer mat
R85704Y100 — trunk mat
928004L0008M — lamp and glasses case assembly
928301R000 — bracket for fixing the ceiling with a case for glasses
861522H000 — frill seal
861552H100 — caps for attaching the air intake panel (frill)
846754Y000WK — buttons for heated seats
876514X020WK — cover for Tweeters left (Comfort, Suite)
876614X020WK — cover for Tweeters right (Comfort, Suite)

E501421000UBS — beige
E500421000MZH — black
E501421000PGU — white
E501421000RHM — silver
E501421000VEA — blue-gray
E501421000PXA — purple
E501421000SAE — gray
E501421000WGM — blue
E501421000TDY — red

E501421000PGU — Cristal White (Crystal White) (PGU)
E501421000MZH — Phantom Black (Phantom Black) (MZH)
E501421000RHM — Sleek Silver (Glossy Silver Metallic) (RHM)
E501421000SAE — Carbon Gray (Carbon Black Metallic) (SAE)
E501421000UBS — Stone Beige (Beige Metallic) (UBS)
E501421000TDY — Garnet Red (Metallic Red) (TDY)
E501421000WGM — Sapphire Blue (Sapphire Blue) (WGM)
E501421000BR7 — Russian Blue (BR7)
E501421000EMG or LPA10APE0MEMGK — Emerald Green (EMG)
E501421000VC5 — Coffee Brown (VC5)
E501421000DZ6 — Dazzling Blue (DZ6)

And this is the link of the site where you can order paint podkraska.ru/ (You do not need to drive the entire code, only the last 3 letters)

In order for the glove compartment to cool, you need to order: 👇🏽

1J0816355 — valve from VAG
1J2816311 — hose from VAG

64193NBU and 64193NBUDUOBOX — Osram H4 Night Breaker Unlimited + 110%
64193ALSDUOBOX — Osram Allseason Super H4
62193FBR-DUOBOX — Osram fog breaker H4 (yellow light)
64193SV2 and 64193ALS — Osram SilverStar 2.0 H4
12342PRC1 — PHILIPS H4
8GJ002525531 — BEHR-HELLA

983501R100 and 983601R100 are original
983501R050 and 983601R000 — wireframe
19840 and 119865 — SWF
036000 and 026000 — Heyner
056000 and 046000 — Alca

Electrics and Electronics: 👇🏽

1879001108 — 10A
1879001109 — 15A
1879001110 — 20A
1879001111 — 25A
1879001123 — 30A
1879001124 — 40A
1879001125 — 50A
GY003050 — fuse kit
934101R530 — cornering switch with PTF

876514X020WK — door mirror cover (for twitter) LH
876614X020WK — door mirror cover (for twitter) RH
963104X500 — 15 watt door speaker RH
963104X000 — door speaker 15 watt LH

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1845-0045W-30 and 35830410W-20 — IDEMITSU Zepro Touring
HK40148 — MANNOL
0510000441 — HYUNDAI / KIA Turbo SYN Gasoline 5W-30
0510000410 — HYUNDAI / KIA Super Extra Gasoline 5W-30
101527 — MOTUL 8100 X-clean + 5W-30

MPH46 — Front MANDO
PN0538 — Rear NIBK

30450038746 — IDEMITSU
K0415-YA10 — Subaru ATF

NLS.25.42.001 — fender with sound insulation KIA Rio, 04 / 2015->, gray (front left)
NLS.25.42.002 — fender with soundproofing KIA Rio, 04 / 2015->, gray. (front right)
NLS.25.42.003 — fender with soundproofing KIA Rio, 04 / 2015->, gray. (back left)
NLS.25.42.004 — fender with soundproofing KIA Rio, 04 / 2015->, gray. (rear right)
921912Е000 — plastic covers for headlights

ICE: 3.3-3.6 liters
Manual: 1.9-2.0 liters
Automatic: 6.8 liters
Coolant Fluid: 5.3 liters
Brake fluid / clutch fluid: 0.7-0.8 liters
Power steering fluid: 0.8 liters

1) API Service SM (minimum API Service SL)
2) ILSAC GF-4 or higher
3) ACEA A5

6J R15 4×100 ET48 DIA54.1
6J R16 4×100 ET52 DIA54.1

983501R050 — front left (driver) frame 65 cm
983601R000 — front right (passenger) frame 40 cm
983501R100 — front left (driver) hybrid 65 cm
983601R100 — front right (passenger) hybrid 40 cm
988502K000 — rear

Rubber bands for frame wipers: 👇🏽

983511R000 — left 65 cm
983611R000 — right 40 cm

DUR065L — front left driver hybrid Denso Wiper Blade Hybrid 65 cm
DU040L — front right passenger hybrid Denso Wiper Blade Hybrid 40 cm
HW26 — front left driver’s Hibrid Wiper Blade Finwhale 65 cm
HW16 — front right passenger Hibrid Wiper Blade Finwhale 40 cm
119840 — front left driver’s SWF 65 cm
119865 — front right passenger SWF 40 cm
036000 — front left driver’s Heyner 65 cm
026000 — front right passenger Heyner 40 cm
056000 — front left driver’s Alca 65 cm
046000 — front right passenger Alca 40 cm

12342LLECOS2 — low beam lamp Philips LongLife EcoVision H4 2 pieces
12342LLECOC1 / 12342LLECOB1 — low beam lamp Philips LongLife EcoVision H4 1 piece
12961BV / 12961BVB2 — Philips BlueVision W5W 4000K lamp
2825HCBI — Osram Cool Blue Intense W5W 4000K lamp

Synthetic engine oil Engine Oil (Premium LF Gasoline) 5W-20 (SAE 5W-20 API SM / GF-4):
0510000151 — 1 liter
0510000451 — 4 liters
Synthetic engine oil Engine Oil (Turbo Syn Gasoline) 5W-30> (SAE 5W-30 API SN / GF-4 ACEA A3):
0510000141 — 1 liter
0510000441 — 4 liters
Synthetic motor oil Mobil Super 3000 X1 Formula FE 5W-30:
152055/152565 — 1 liter
152056/151526/152564 — 4 liters
Synthetic motor oil Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30:
152574 — 1 liter
153018 — 4 liters

Semi-synthetic gear oil for 4АКПП ATF SP-III:
0450000100 — 1 liter
0450000400 — 4 liters
0450000A00 — 20 liters

Power steering fluid synthetic green Ultra PSF-4 80W:
0310000130 — 1 liter

Hyundai / Kia Brake Fluid DOT-4 Brake Fluid:
0110000110 — 1 liter
Castrol Brake Fluid DOT-4:
4008177071591 — 1 liter

Antifreeze Long Life Coolant, 2yr green:
0710000200 — 2 liters
0710000400 — 4 liters
Antifreeze Crown LLC A-110:

2630035503 — oil filter
2151323001 — washer (drain plug gasket)
281131R100 — air filter
971334L000 — cabin filter
311121R000 — fine fuel filter (normal)
311841R000 — primary fuel filter
4632123001 — oil filter 4AKPP

54632 — phobos hyundai solaris front spring reinforced
553304l000 / 55330 — phobos rear spring solaris
5172002000FFF — front wheel hub
495513X000 — wheel nut
517181W000 — snap ring
568204L000 — tie rod end left
568204L090 — tie rod end right
577244L000 — left tie rod
577244L090 — right tie rod
548301G500 — stabilizer bar left
548401G500 — stabilizer bar right
5172002000 — front hub bearing
5451722000 — boot ball joint
551601R000 — silent block suspension (2 pieces)
5453025000 — front ball joint (2 pieces)
5453025000 — ball joint

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Front tires:
581014LA00 / 581011RA00 — front brake pads
Guide Rod:
581622F300 — caliper guide
581612F300 — caliper repair kit

Rear tires:
581612F300 — rear brake pads
Guide Rod:
582214D500 — upper caliper guide
582224D500 — lower caliper guide

Yellow — Top
Silver — Bottom

1885510060 — KIA candles (must be "NGK)
1578 — NGK candles (Korea)
LZKR6B10E — NGK candles (Japan)
252812B010 — tensioner pulley
251002B710 — original water pump
251242B000 — gasket for pump housing original
5175207000 — front stud
527552G000 — rear stud
5295017000 / 529503Y000 — nut
252122B000 — alternator drive belt
919712В370 — battery terminal cap
8219133010 — rubber chipper on the door
8219128010 — lower door damper
8231533020 — door clip
8578426000 — sill trim tab
865134Y000 — front left bumper cover bracket
865144Y000 — front right bumper cover bracket
955502G000 — turn relay
847472L000 — clips of the visor, radio and side panels
861104L031 — windshield with heating
861311R000 — windshield molding
868621R000 — rear mudguard front
921912E000 — headlight cover
861522H000 — the seal of the air intake panel (above the wipers)
291344Y000 — dirt-wind drive belt protection
969851R000 — external temperature sensor
9660796 — podium under the number
928004L0008M — lamp and glasses case assembly
928301R000 — ceiling mount bracket with eyeglass case
846754Y000WK — seat heating buttons
934101R530 — cornering switch with PTF
868324Y000 — front right mudguard

Cabin filter:
97871/97872 — cabin filter TSN
AMDFC167 — AMD cabin filter
ECF00010M — cabin filter MANDO
k1329 — cabin filter Filtron
N1340522 — cabin filter Nipparts
FA079 / FS130 / FS003 — cabin filter Fortech
AC0462 — cabin filter Sibtek
MA2782 — cabin carbon filter Mitwell

Brake pads:
HP0047 — front brake pads Hong Sung Brake (Korea)
HP0046 — rear brake pads Hong Sung Brake (Korea)
BF1037 — front brake pads BESTF1TS (Korea)
SP1399 — front brake pads Sangsin (conventional)
HP1399 — front brake pads Sangsin (premium)
S1H27 — front brake pads HANKOOK Frixa S1
FPH27 — front brake pads HANKOOK Frixa
FPH17R / FPH26R — rear brake pads HANKOOK Frixa
MPH46 — front brake pads Mando
PN0538 — rear brake pads NIBK

343307 — front gas oil strut KYB
320380920 — brake disc Otto Zimmermann Coat Z
253481801 — front trim Otto Zimmermann
1220306167K — brake disc mounting screws
537000 — Alca antenna
328252P000 — brake pedal pad
327302H100 — gas pedal pad
088502H011 — set of pedal pads for automatic transmission
1K5867615A — hooks in the trunk
091491H000 — tool tray in the spare wheel R16
R41001R001U — kit for attaching the standard protection
534041710 — Ina belt tensioner
532064410 — Ina spurious roller

Check and oil change in automatic transmission

Type of liquid for 4АКПП: "SK ATF SP – III" or "DIAMOND ATF SP – III" (articles — at the very bottom)
Type of fluid for 6AKPP: "SK ATF SP – IV"
4AKPP filling volume: 5.9-6.8 liters, but at least 10 liters are needed with a FULL replacement
Transmission oil is poured into the automatic transmission through the hole for the dipstick (a funnel is needed)

Replacement should be done with a special apparatus, as it is necessary to pump out the old oil under pressure, and then to pump in new oil under pressure, and this apparatus is necessary for this

Warm up the engine and gearbox to operating temperature. For this it will be enough to drive 10-15 km
Put the car on a flat platform
Leave engine running
Switch the box modes in the following sequence: R-N-D-3-2-1-2-2-3-D-N. It is necessary to make small pauses when switching — approximately 3-5 seconds
Pull out the probe, wipe it, insert it back, pull it out again

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Oil should be between HOT labels
If the oil level is lower, add oil, drive for 20 minutes and check again.

Replacing fluid in the heat exchanger: 👇🏽

Remove the supply hoses to the radiator and start the car engine.
Old gear oil will flow from the heat exchanger hose
After 20-30 seconds of engine operation, new oil will enter the heat exchanger and fresh transmission fluid will flow from the tube
Immediately after this you must plug the car

Semi-synthetic gear oil for 4АКПП ATF SP-III:
0450000100 — 1 liter
0450000400 — 4 liters
0450000A00 — 20 liters

4632123001 — automatic transmission oil filter
81180 — Sealant for automatic transmission Permatex

876514X020WK — cover for tweeters left (Comfort, Suite)
876614X020WK — cover for tweeters right (Comfort, Suite)
963104X000 — door speaker 15W left
963104X500 — door speaker 15W right

PTF Depo (analog) — www.drive2.ru/l/6880144/:
1232003RU — right headlight
1232003LU — left headlight

light bulbs H8
light bulb connectors with H8 socket
15A external fuse
four-contact relay (952242D000)
corrugation (4-5 meters)
small things (clamps, terminals, etc.)

Automatic transmission oil change: 👇🏽

"Gas" pedal (remove the creak / jam): 👇🏽

Buzzer of unmounted "dimensions": 👇🏽

Power windows without "ignition": 👇🏽

Replacing the fuel filter: 👇🏽

Left door:
red wire — "+"
black wire — "-"
Right door:
orange wire — "+"
green wire — "-"

Automatic door lock control: 👇🏽

7656 — LIQUI MOLY Grease for guide pin calipers

1503 and 1501 — MC 1600 Caliper grease:

MC 1600 Caliper Lubricant — universal synthetic caliper lubricant with multifunctional additives

Benefits (grease for 6 knots):
protects caliper guides against souring and corrosion
maintains air tightness of anthers
retains elasticity of rubber cuffs and seals
prevents brake pad welding
prevents welding of fasteners in the exhaust system
facilitates piston travel in the cylinder

Lubrication characteristics:
operating temperatures: from -50 to +1000 C
high adhesive properties
strong anti-corrosion properties
provides operation of worn cylinders without leakage of brake fluid

09374 — large for large scratches
09375 — medium for small and small scratches
09376 — finish for very small scratches, scuffs, to remove glue from advertising stickers and to add shine

Chipping tint:

KEA075004 — self-adhesive damper washer (gasket) under license plate frame 2 pieces

Polish for plastic headlights:

To combat it, ferric chloride is used.
We breed it in warm water (70-80 degrees), pouring it into the water and stirring
I immersed the parts in the resulting solution and left it for several hours.

Motor oil "Mobil Super 3000 X1 Formula FE" (decoding of the country of origin by the first letter at the bottom of the canister): 👇🏽

N — Naantali, Finland
J — Port Jerome, France
P — Purfleet, UK
H — Hamburg, Germany
E — Pernis, Holland
G — Gravenson, France
U — Uddevalla, Sweden
S — Serviburnu, Turkey

Thank you for reading)
Thank you very much!
And bye!)

  • Модификация: 1.6 CVVT
  • Тип двигателя: Бензиновый
  • Модель двигателя: G4FC
  • Объем двигателя: 1.6 л.
  • Мощность двигателя: 123 л.с.
  • Привод: Передний
  • Годы выпуска: 2011-2015

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